¿Qué es Tributo Simple?

The revolutionary tax solution launched by this Argentine startup: get to know about what is it about

Tributo Simple is a firm that presented a new tool to relieve LATAM small taxpayers in their day-to-day management of their business or project.

Millions of people operate informally, often because they are unaware of the benefits of enrolling in the simplified regime for small taxpayers. And those who operate formally registering, feel that it is complex and difficult to self-manage. In addition, many times due to lack of follow-up of the fiscal state situation they face fines and withholdings, and therefore they must pay regularizations for these non-compliances, which are very expensive.

To solve this problem, the Argentine startup Tributo Simple, a firm founded in 2022 by Agustín Sosa (CEO), presented an ideal product to help in the organization, administration of entrepreneurs in order to be up to date in accounting and tax matters.


The APP helps you to manage the simple regime from your cell phone. The solution allows, in an agile and simple way, to save time and money in:

-Generating the registration and/or cancellation of taxes

-Billing and share personalized receipts on the fly

-Visualizing the presentations of monthly and annual affidavits

-Generating payment tax flyers

-Accessing to the personal profile tax status; calendar with alerts and automatic notifications; previous, current and next category report; billing limit; sales and cost report; expense control; monitoring of personal finances, among others.

-Learning at a training space

-Being in contact with a certified public accountant and many more benefits!

In summary, from the digitization of tasks such as automatic invoicing, the monthly presentation of taxes, annual declarations, among others, in seconds and with transparency, the user accesses the management and monitoring of their business.


Tributo Simple provides its services to different types of clients:

  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Riders and Drivers
  • trades
  • Government collaborators
  • Freelancers offering services abroad
  • Merchants selling products (Physical and online stores)
  • Real estate rental
  • Care Economies – of the care of people
  • Gig Economies – temporary jobs

Likewise, Tributo Simple has agreements with leading companies (banks, insurance, sales and collection platforms, cooperatives, trade groups, enrollment groups, etc.) that recommend the APP to their ecosystem of people in order to help them in the need of keeping your business, billing and taxes up to date.

“Simple Tribute provides effective solutions to the problems faced by simple tax payers. It is an APP that digitizes all the administrative and tax management for them”, says Agustín.

Thousands of small taxpayers today benefit from Tributo Simple. The APP is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from both GooglePlay and the iOS App Store.

The strength of this product lies in the fact that it makes the complex simple through an agile integration that allows access to an entire suite of services in an absolutely secure manner.

“It is an end-to-end service, so that the small taxpayers can focus only on making their business profitable and forgets how cumbersome accounting administration and management is,” adds the creator.

“Our mission is to give value to our users, we are a key partner that allows them to focus on their day to day, and delegate in our service the solution to problems that we know how to solve”

 “Today we live more than ever the digitization of the sale of products and services, and we wanted to accompany it with the administrative and accounting digitization. By applying technology to accounting processes we can achieve this purpose”, concluded Sosa.

¡Llevá tu monotributo en una APP!

Registración, facturación, declaraciones juradas, asesorías, estadísticas de tu negocio, y mucho más!