Our Commitment​

We´re transforming people’s reality and we wake up every day with the aim of caring about small taxpayers in their path towards progress and their dreams.

Our efforts to make the world better are based on 3 pillars


Economic Impact

We accompany them with their peace of mind and tax security, helping to be up-to-date with their taxes in a transparent manner, save money, avoid costly regularizations due to lack of follow-up, fines or withholdings, taking care of their efforts and savings, among others.


Social Impact

Accelerate the transformation by educating on tax organization and management.
We promote formalization of work because it brings access & equal opportunities.
We develop services to address the formalization gap & promote good tax practices adding value and love with our work, especially with education to empower citizens.
We are catalysts for change, pursuing long-term social impact over economic and financial ones.


Environmental Impact

Through administrative and accounting digitization, no more paper invoices, plastic credentials, accounting folders, expense control notebooks, among others. Together with our users we take care of our world.

We are a community that does good, and an INCLUSIVE place to work that represents the very DIVERSITY we serve in age, religion, gender, culture, and others.

We serve the small ones...

We help entrepreneurs, temporary workers, freelancers and professionals in their initial stage towards their growth path in a simple and accessible manner, fostering financial and social inclusion.

If you are passionate about our purpose

Join our team and start making an impact.