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Agustín Segundo Sosa

Certified Public Accountant & Bachelor in Business Administration

I have always been interested in helping people achieve their financial goals by reducing their tax their tax obligations.

After my work experience and realizing that there is so much to create and innovate in the accounting and tax industry, together with my partners and team, we decided to develop Tributo Simple, an APP that facilitates small taxpayers the experience of complying with the tax obligations in a simple and accessible way.

I invite you to download our APP at www.tributosimple.com



Tributo Simple is the TaxTech that facilitates small taxpayers the experience of complying with tax duties in a simple and accessible way by means of an APP with the support of accountants registered in the Board of Economic Sciences.

It is your Accountant in one APP. We take care of the calculation and filing of tax obligations of Monotributistas (Single Tax Payer).

Because we improve the experience of complying with your tax obligations. Save time and money with us.

With our APP you can register and deregister from your taxes, issue your invoices and receipts, view Gross income tax submissions, generate e-payment tickets and pay taxes, access your sales report, costs and expenses, access our training area and be in contact with a certified public accountant, among other options.

The security and privacy of your personal information is very important to us. We have strict policies to protect your data and we use the most advanced technology to encrypt it.

  • We are endorsed by the AAIP to protect your personal information and ensure transparency and trust.
  • We verify the accuracy of the provided information. We perform internal audits by registered professionals to verify the accuracy of the verify the accuracy of the provided information.
  • We validate your tax information with the official entity. We validate your information to give you reliance and peace of mind.

The app is available for Android and iOS cell phones. Download it from the PlayStore or AppStore.

  1. WhatsApp on +54 11 66410871
  2. Send an email to ayuda@tributosimple.com
  3. The chat in the lower right corner of our website.
  4. From our APP, chat with our virtual assistant.

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